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Andy joined Binghamton Crew team as a collegiate freshman where he competed with both the light-weight and open-weight crews at national and international regattas. As a coach, he believes that anyone can learn how to row regardless of their age or ability; apart from providing instruction he likes to create a calm environment of encouragement and fun.


Learn to Row

Approaching rowing as an adult, Kim is a Lake Washington Rowing Club Learn to Row success story.  After completing the program, she has been part of the community since 2018.  She firmly believes that "every body" can row regardless of body type, age, or condition. Upbeat and enthusiastic, Kim loves to share the joy of rowing with newcomers of all backgrounds. 




Alex took his first strokes at Everett Rowing while in high school and was instantly hooked. He hasn’t left the water since. A dedicated student of the sport in all its nuances and history, he has coached juniors and masters of all levels, firmly believing that no boat succeeds without a strong community around it. After joining LWRC in 2020, and eager to get involved, his volunteering quickly led him back into the coaching launch. Alex currently coaches the LWRC Big Boat competitive program, striving to help rowers reach their collective potential.



Masters Land Training

Rob rowed for the University of Maryland, where he studied Kinesiology. He has worked as a personal trainer for the past 12 years. He is a certified strength and conditioning coach, his training philosophy has a strong emphasis on injury prevention.

Rob has been with LWRC since 2016 coaching land training classes as well as masters rowing.

Karl Huhta headshot.jpg



Originally from Tacoma, Karl rowed at Washington State University for 4 years, serving as Team Captain his last year. He received a Master’s degree in Sport Leadership and Coaching from the University of Central Florida, and coached Division 1 rowing for 14 years. He coached at Cal-Berkeley, and his alma matter, WSU. Most recently, Karl was the Director of Rowing and Women's Head Coach at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

Karl brings to LWRC a mindset of making each session as fun and enjoyable as possible while also instilling a feeling of continuous improvement. Outside of rowing, Karl loves being by the water, skiing, watching sporting events, and live music. He loves to travel and explore new places around Seattle and across the country. 

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Learn to Row, Masters

Karolin comes to LWRC with nearly 10 years of high-performance rowing experience. She fell in love with the sport at ten years old when she first learned that fun rowing is fast rowing. She went on to train with other elite athletes at the Sports School of Potsdam in Germany with a focus on competing internationally. She enjoys coaching all levels and is excited to help grow the diversity of our sport. In her spare time, she enjoys reading widely, spending time with her cats, and growing house plants. 




Bill has been an avid sculler since the 1960s. In 1969, he placed second in the Diamond Sculls event at Henley, and was a member of the US National Team from 1969-1971. As President of Pocock Racing Shells since 1985, Bill is focused on how to make boats move faster through the water.




John coaches LWRC intermediate to competitive scullers who wish to improve their boat speed through efficient technique and build endurance through conditioning. His style of instruction emphasizes sculling and small-boat handling. He coaches by keen observation and quiet instruction. This is old school coaching at its best! 




KC was involved in starting the National Lightweight Women’s program in 1981. She discovered a love for coaching and spent years (1979-86) as a collegiate coach. She led Northeastern University and Radcliffe (Harvard) Lightweight women’s crews to National titles.

She wants to help competitive, experienced Masters athletes race and balance their rowing routine with the rest of their life.

Theresa Batty


Masters (on leave)

With over 36 years of dedication to coaching all levels and competitive rowing from elite level to open water, Theresa draws heavily from the Thames wherry-man style that was also the favored technique of Frank Cunningham and Stan Pocock. Learn how to refine your stroke for a more relaxed and efficient approach.

Theresa believes that nobody should get injured while rowing if it’s done properly. It’s about rowing smarter not harder. Whether you are looking to race and compete in sprints or open water longer distance events or just want to improve your technique, Theresa will assist you in reaching your rowing goals.


The Lake Washington coaches run a number of programs for beginners and experienced rowers throughout the year. If you are a member of LWRC, sign up to any of the Masters programs.

If you would like private coaching on a 1-on-1 basis you can hire one of our expert coaches for a solo lesson. Private lessons are available for beginners as well as experienced rowers looking to improve their skills.

Contact the LWRC office to inquire about or schedule a private coaching session.


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