Rowers will meet the coach on the water at a designated location. Sign-up for an entire class, multiple classes or single sessions in 1 or multiple classes. Programs are for LWRC Members. We are accepting new members for qualified individuals. 


This class is for advanced and advanced intermediate rowers who want to race. The class will be dedicated to training and raising your heart rate, in 1x, 2x/-, 4x/4+ and 8+. 


Find yourself a pair or doubles partner. If you'd like to help to find one, let us know.


If racing resumes this summer or fall we will be ready!


Class is for rowers hoping to develop a more efficient rowing stroke while also increasing speed. You will meet your coach on the water. 


​Please visit our MindBody Site for additional information.


Class is for rowers hoping to develop a more efficient rowing stroke. You will meet your coach on the water at a place TBD. Your coach will communicate the meet-up location either in email or on the coaching whiteboard across from the sink. Give yourself time to warm-up before the meet-up time.


Sign up for a private lesson. Each lesson is for 90 minutes. To sign-up, select the Private Coaching button and purchase a private lesson or a package of lessons. Contact Coach AmyAndy, HughKC, Rachel, or Theresa to schedule a time. They are all happy to work with anyone, at any level. To learn more about our coaches, Visit to our Coach Profile page.


Why Row at Lake Washington?


An amazing boathouse in the heart of Fremont, modern equipment, a full gym, a lounge and a lot of flexibility and freedom make Lake Washington unique.


We offer a number of masters rowing programs throughout the year that cater to different experience levels and schedules. Our experienced coaches teach in small groups.


Lake Washington is a supportive community of athletes who are passionate about rowing. We drive each other to be better rowers and have fun together on and off the water.


Lake Washington Rowing Club is the oldest rowing club in Seattle with a rich history and a long legacy of teaching the art of rowing. The club is entirely run by volunteers. 

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