Lake Washington offers a range of programs for your experience level and schedule. Each program is managed by one of our experienced coaches and open to all members who purchase a rowing pass:

Annual 20 Class Pass – $300: Attend up to 20 classes in any program, good for one year from date of activation.
Fall Unlimited Pass – $230: Attend an unlimited number of classes in any program. Good for water and land classes.
Fall 2x/Week Pass – $165: Attend up to 26 classes, or two classes a week.
Fall 1x/Week Pass – $100: Attend 13 classes, or one class a week.

All Fall Passes are valid September 1- November 30, 2019. Unused passes cannot be used for programs in another season.

Fall Race Camp

September 1 - November 9

Monday & Friday:

5:00 - 6:45 am

Coach: KC Dietz & Rob Foreman

Join like minded members, of all ages, to train for Head style competition. You will have an opportunity to represent LWRC at the local Fall regattas. A select few will train for the Head of the Charles. We’ve entered Men's Club 4+, Women's Club 4+, and Mixed 8+. The group will start out together in small boats to select HOCR competitors. We will then split into groups to focus on your respective races. Non-HOCR competitors should be thinking about what races you’d like to enter and with whom. HOCR competitors will train a third day, to be determined, until October 16 and be required to row in pairs, so get out there today to practice! 

Intermediate/Advanced Sculling

September 3 - Nov. 30


5:30 - 7:00 am

Coaches: Theresa Batty, John Robinson, Dave Rutherford

This program is designed to help scullers improve boat speed and sculling performance through the development of a more efficient stroke. Increased performance is achieved by the use of various drills and personal feedback to enhance the drive, follow-through and recovery that yields a longer and more powerful stroke. The group is open to all club scullers who are at a minimum, confident rowing a single scull in rough water, have demonstrable boat handling skills and are willing to practice on their stroke outside of the group sessions. Mainly focused on single sculling but those who wish to row in doubles/triple are expected to find and organize their own partners.

Saturday Sculling: Intermediate to Competitive

August 31 - November 2


6:30 - 8:00am

Coaches: Bill Tytus, John Robinson

The program is a training group for intermediate to advanced-level rowers who wish to improve their boat speed through technique with the support of conditioning. It will emphasize sculling, small-boat handling and race preparation. Bill Tytus, owner of Pocock Racing Shells and accomplished sculler in the 1960’s, along with John Robinson, coach by keen observation and quiet instruction. This is old school coaching at its best!

Evening League

September 3 - Nov. 30

Tuesday & Thursday:

6:30 - 8:15pm

Coach: Theresa Batty

Our Evening League program has been around LWRC for over 15 years. This long running group of experienced rowers focuses on technique, racing Open Water events and heading to Canada in the Fall to race at the Head of the Gorge. Group practices in both sweep and sculling boats and is open to advanced to competitive rowers Recreational rowers are also welcome. Overall emphasis is on technique and developing stamina for racing.

Mixed Masters: Novice to Intermediate

September 4 - Nov. 30


6:30 - 8:15pm

Coaches: Teddi McGuire, Teri Randall



Coach: Brooke McCulloch

This program is a great opportunity for novice and intermediate rowers to continue to improve their skills in a variety of boats: 2x’s, 3x’s, 4x’s, and sweep boats. Participants will have the chance to learn a different discipline if you have only done sculling or sweep. Coaches will make sure that you have the chance to become comfortable in both disciplines.

Mixed Masters: Intermediate to Advanced

September 4 - Nov. 30


6:30 - 8:00pm

Coach: Amy Hildebrandt



Coach: Brooke McCulloch

If you like to work out in the evenings, focus on your technique and improve your fitness level, this class is for you. The group will primarily scull in quads, triples and doubles with occasional opportunities to sweep. Participants must be willing to sit any seat, which includes bowing a sculling boat. The class is a mix of intermediate (1+ years) and advanced experience levels. Practices will consist of a technical focus and timed or distance pieces. This is a great class for those that are not sure or not wanting to race but still want a hearty workout. 

Morning Strength Training

September 9 - Nov. 18


5:30 - 6:30am

Coach: Rob Foreman

The Morning Strength class is designed for all rowers at any level to continue building their strength off the water.  Certified Personal Trainer and Coach Rob Foreman leads the group through circuit-style workouts designed for muscle toning and strength retention.  This class focuses on both body weight and weighted exercises to maintain and build muscle, as well as range of motion exercises to increase flexibility.  

Open to all members!

Why Row at Lake Washington?


An amazing boathouse in the heart of Fremont, modern equipment, a full gym, a lounge and a lot of flexibility and freedom make Lake Washington unique.


We offer a number of masters rowing programs throughout the year that cater to different experience levels and schedules. Our experienced coaches teach in small groups.


Lake Washington is a supportive community of athletes who are passionate about rowing. We drive each other to be better rowers and have fun together on and off the water.


Lake Washington Rowing Club is the oldest rowing club in Seattle with a rich history and a long legacy of teaching the art of rowing. The club is entirely run by volunteers. 

Do you have any questions?

Want to learn more about our rowing programs or some advice on which program may be best suited for you? Get in touch with us and we are happy to answer your questions.

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