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Sound Rowers is a local organization that hosts around 15 races in Washington state, mostly in the Puget Sound area. While there is no physical boathouse connected with Sound Rowers, we are a group of committed volunteers with each race hosted by a dedicated member. 

The races are open to all capable human-powered craft and the people that power them. Races are typically longer distances, ranging from 6 to 26 miles with conditions that can be mill-pond flat to 3' swells. Competitors in Sound Rowers races include those that have won multiple Olympic medals to those athletes who are just getting into the sport. Most of the starts are mass starts, meaning that you might have 60+ boats all lined up and taking off when the horn blows. 

Because of the mixed boat classes, you are never really sure who you will racing against. There are very few rules other than being safe and having fun. A post race meal is often supplied by volunteers.

Open Water Rowing

Open Water racing is different from the flat water sprint or head races rowers are accustomed to: distances are longer, conditions are rougher, currents and tides are a factor, recreational and commercial marine traffic is always around you, and boats are more durable and typically self bailing.  Each race is uniquely different, and each one offers it's own fun set of challenges ranging.  

LWRC is a perfect club to get involved in open water rowing.


  • We have the equipment.  LWRC is unmatched with regard to the club boats available for open water racing. This includes several open water doubles and singles for use by club members.  LWRC members are allowed to transport club boats to races by themselves and don't have to rely on a club trailer. 

  • We have the experience.  LWRC has several club members that can act as coaches and references for what to expect out in the open water.  They are happy to review all aspects including safety, capabilities, weather, race strategy and training.  A few of our club members hold course records and have won the North American Open Water Championships.

Check out the Open Water Rowing Forum hosted by LWRC member Tyler Peterson presenting information on how to prepare and plan for racing in open water.


Why Row at
Lake Washington?


Our coaches are very experienced at teaching new rowers the skills needed to move comfortably across the water. They are also avid rowers and very friendly. Learn from the best.


We offer a number of Learn to Row Sculling programs throughout the year that will work with your schedule. We teach in small groups for the optimal learning experience and our programs are very affordable.


An amazing boathouse in the heart of Fremont, a wide range of rowing programs, modern equipment, a full gym, and a wonderful community make Lake Washington unique.


Lake Washington is the oldest rowing club in Seattle with a mission to teach the art of rowing to the local community and spread the joy that comes with this beautiful sport.

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