Imagine yourself seamlessly gliding across the water, perfectly in-sync with your crew mates, propelling the boat forward with each joint stroke against the beautiful backdrop of the Seattle skyline.

You feel the boat floating above the water that is rushing underneath you.

You feel the full body workout filling you with energy.

You feel a strong connection with every teammate in your boat.

You feel completely calm on the water oasis amid the bustling city.

Rowing is an incredibly fulfilling sport and offers a lifetime of fun, exercise, community, and growth. Learning how to row can seem daunting. It will take a few weeks to learn this new skill and to feel comfortable on the water. Lake Washington has some of the best rowing coaches for beginners and offers a range of beginner programs that will work with your schedule. And best of all, you'll be part of a friendly community that supports you along the way.

Why Learn Rowing at Lake Washington?


Our coaches are very experienced at teaching new rowers the skills needed to move comfortably across the water. They are also avid rowers and very friendly. Learn from the best.


We offer a number of Learn to Row programs throughout the year that will work with your schedule. We teach in small groups for the optimal learning experience and our programs are very affordable.


An amazing boathouse in the heart of Fremont, a wide range of rowing programs, modern equipment, a full gym, and a wonderful community make Lake Washington unique.


Lake Washington is the oldest rowing club in Seattle with a mission to teach the art of rowing to Seattleites and spread the joy that comes with this beautiful sport.

Do you have any questions?

Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about our Learn to Row programs for more information.

If you cannot find your answer there or you'd rather talk to a real person at Lake Washington, please fill out the form below and we will get back to your shortly.

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Photos kindly donated by Andy Rees.