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Coach Bill Tytus Helps You Make Your Boat Go Faster

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Bill Tytus, owner of Pocock Racing Shells and champion singles sculler, is coaching an advanced class exploring the technical aspects of how to make your boat go faster. The class meets Saturdays from 6:30 to 8:30. Visit the LWRC Programs Page to sign-up.

Rower and conditioning trainer Rob Foreman is a fan, Bill describes the rowing stroke in simple and effective terms. It’s clear through his coaching that he has spent a lifetime thinking about the sport. Athletes hang on his every word and try to apply Bill’s philosophies to their own rowing stroke.Rob adds Bill always says Good rowing is fast”.

The July 11 class focused on the value of feet out rowing. Reading material by George Pocock, Paul Enquist and Valery Kleshnev, was emailed to participants ahead of the class and referred to during the coaching session.

According to Bill, George Pocock described the stroke in a page and a half. Most other attempts have resulted in 400 page books. Take a look to see if you think George left anything out. The addendum to George's piece is a note from Paul Enquist. Paul won the Gold Medal in the Double at the 1984 Olympic Games, a feat no other American sculler, male or female, has accomplished since. Paul's story is a fabulous one, and he's a great guy. He doesn't talk a lot, so if you ever meet him you will have to ask. Notes on the Sculling Stroke by George Pocock with Commentary by Paul Enquist

The second article is by Dr. Valery Kleshnev who has been leading rowing science first in Russia, then Australia, and then Great Britain. Bill says His work is uniquely excellent: it's rigorous, sensible, and correct; the range of inquiry is fascinating; and he publishes a monthly newsletter for all to learn. BioRow Newsletter

All were encouraged to row feet out the entire session and much improvement was made. We were given a number of drills to practice during the week and encouraged to always warm-up and cool-down with feet out rowing. Thanks Bill for the excellent session. We look forward to the July 18th session.

LWRC Sculling programs are open to all LWRC members rowing in single sculls. We have programs available for a range of levels. Visit the LWRC Programs Page for details. LWRC has annual memberships available. Become a Member


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