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LWRC's response to combat the novel coronavirus outbreak

We encourage everyone who may use our facilities to take advantage of these vaccination opportunities. A fully vaccinated boathouse will keep our facilities safer for everyone.

If you feel sick or have symptoms of coronavirus, please stay home.

We follow the current Washington State Department of Health guidelines for masking, social distancing, and vaccination requirements. These guidelines change regularly. Please see the current WADoH suggestions on their website here.

Links to more information

If you would like to join LWRC, please visit our Become a Member Page or Contact LWRC. The club has over 35 singles from racing to open water. We also have 17 club doubles and a variety of Quads, Fours and Eights. If you own a single and want to arrange storage, we have space available. Visit our Boat Storage Page or Contact LWRC. We are offering small group rowing programs for members.

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