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Short and Sweet: Interval Training

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

KC Dietz is coaching an Interval Training session Thursday mornings at 6AM. If you cannot make the session or do not want to row in the dark, you can do the workout on your own.

Interval training is where you build speed by doing a workout that is 50/50 or 70/30 aerobic/anaerobic work.

Thursday’s workout is simple:

5-8 rounds of (6 x 20 strokes on/10 off) with 2 to 3 minutes off between each round

[5 Rounds = 600 strokes, 6 = 720, 7 = 840, 8= 960] Mix up the 20s

- 5 stroke running start/5 high/10 settle

- 20 strokes with 3 to build, With squared or 3/4 square Blades

- 10 to build/10 high

Let rate come up if it results in faster splits.


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