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Free Group Erg Sessions Via Zoom

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Mondays 5:30-6:30AM with Rachel Wong (no class Dec 28 or Jan 4)

Wednesday 6-7:00 AM with Evan Jacobs and Tyler Peterson.

While it is much more fun to group erg in person, zoom is the next best thing. The sessions are open to LWRC members and friends.

If you can't make the session, this blog post will be kept up to date with the weekly workouts.

Tips: Warm up before the workout. Be sure to take enough strokes at a higher rate so that you are ready to do the same during the workout. A 10-20-30-40-30-20-10 pyramid during your warmup will help you get the most out of the workout.

Stay long on high-rate pieces. Don't shorten up to hit the higher stroke rates.

When the stroke rate drops, work to keep the split down.

Wednesday January 6, 2021 with Evan and Tyler

2 Pyramids with a 5' rest in between as follows:

2x(10 on/10 off, 20 on/20 off, 30 on/30 off, 40 on/30 off, 50 on/30 off, 40 on/30 off, 30 on/20 off, 20 on/10 off, 10 on)

Wednesday December 30, 2020 with Evan and Tyler and Avery

5 x 6’/(3' rest) as follows:

6'(2'@22spm+2'@26spm+2'@22spm)/3' rest

6'(2'@24spm+2'@28spm+2'@24spm)/3' rest

6'(2'@26spm+2'@30spm+2'@26spm)/3' rest

6'(2'@24spm+2'@28spm+2'@24spm)/3' rest

6'(2'@22spm+2'@26spm+2'@22spm)/3' rest

Set your erg for intervals time of 6' with a 3' rest.

Wednesday December 23, 2020 with Evan and Tyler

2 x 18’ (5’ rest between each piece)

Each 18’ piece is (2'on+1'ss+3'on+1'ss,+4'on+1'ss+3'on+1'ss+2'on)/5' rest

Monday December 21, 2020 with Rachel

Today's workout is a 6' piece repeated 5 times. Each 6 minute piece is divided into 3 pieces: 3' @24spm, 2' @26spm and 1' @28spm followed by a 3' rest.

5 x 6'(3' @24spm+2' @26spm+1' @28spm)/3' Rest

There is no Monday class on December 29 and January 4. Rachel will be back in session on January 11.

Wednesday December 16, 2020 with Evan and Tyler

8x3'/3' Rest with a different focus on each piece as follows:

  1. Standing start. Open rate.

  2. Rolling start. Open rate.

  3. Rolling start. 1'@26, 1'@28, 1"@26

  4. Rolling start. 1'@28, 1'@26, 1"@28

  5. Rolling start. 1'@26, 1'@28, 1"@30

  6. Rolling start. 1'@30, 1'@28, 1"@26

  7. Rolling start. Open rate, bring rate up for last 30".

  8. Standing start, hard settle, bring rate up for last 30". Try to make this your fastest piece.

Monday December 14, 2020 with Rachel

Today's workout is a 15' piece repeated 2 times. Each 15 minute piece is divided into 3 5' pieces: 4' of steady state @20-22spm and 1' @24-26spm. Take a 5' rest between the 2 15' pieces.

2 x 15'(3x(4' @20-22spm+1' @24-26spm))/5' Rest

Wednesday December 9, 2020 with Evan and Tyler

Today's workout is a 19' pyramid repeated twice with varying stroke rates as follows:

2 x (4' @22+3' @24+2' @26+1' @26+2' @26+3' @24+4' @22)/5' Rest

Note: The goal is to drop the split on the way up the pyramid with each stroke rate increase and then work to maintain the split on the way back down the pyramid so your overall split is lower for the second half of each 19' piece. Stay focused to maintain the proper stroke rate throughout the 19 minute piece.

Set your monitor for Intervals: Time of 19' with a 5' rest.

Monday December 7, 2020 with Rachel

Today's workout is a 10 minute piece repeated 3 times with varying stroke rate as follows:

3 x (4' @20spm+3' @22spm+2' @24spm+1' @26spm)/3' Rest

Wednesday December 2, 2020 with Evan and Tyler

3 x 12’ (4’ rest between each piece)

Each 12’ piece is (2’ steady state, 1’ on) x 4


1. The difference in pace between “steady state” and “on” should only be about 5-10 seconds (500m split time).

2. After finishing one of the “on” minutes, go right back to your steady state pace. Don’t let your splits drop too much.

3. Feel free to row at whatever stroke rate feels comfortable. It’s also fine to increase the stroke rate during the “on” minutes.


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